Benefits of Touch Screens and Home Working


Even before the pandemic, there was a major trend towards a more flexible working week. Modern lifestyles, more conscience around one’s carbon footprint, and the emergence of collaborative audio-visual technology such as touch displays instinctively gives rise to a demand for home-working and flexible hours.

The way we work and live has irreversibly changed forever, propelling the need for communications and the hardware and software that manages it to be fast, affordable and accessible. The lock down experience, despite being a huge black cloud for many people, industries, and the country, has generated opportunities in tech sectors that perhaps weren’t expected for years to come. Forced to have to work remotely, millions of people are connecting every minute to communicate over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or some other high tech emerging from companies such as Cisco who are jumping on the comms wagon.

The next move that companies need to make is to adequately accommodate both scenarios. Never again will businesses be caught out by having to work 100% remotely, an inconceivable reality a year ago, but a warning that this kind of tragic event can, and probably will, happen again. Workers need to be given the choices to work in a way that suits their lifestyle, making flexible working hours and home working a regular occurrence.

A home office is now a feature in most homes, but there is a need for staff to not just be in a meeting virtually, but rather involved in a way that allows them to collaborate using the best tech tools out there. Some research into touch displays in the home has thrown up some null and void results in the search results, however, this should be considered for a variety of reasons:

Who wants to sit all day?

Walking about whilst talking and listening is proven to increase work efficiency and is infinitely better for the body than being crouched at a desk. A wall mounted touch screen is at eye level so is ergonomically a winner, but also taking into account any space restrictions, workouts could even be performed whilst in front of the touch screen.

Inspiring for the mind

Interacting, annotating and drawing with a touch screen stimulates the brain, boosting ideas and business performance. The bright colours of a 4K image and engaging applications are adding a ‘TV’ like experience to your workspace.

Moveable and Adaptable

Touch screens are available with a variety of wall mounts, but also stands that can move around the house, put away in a cupboard, or be lent to the children to play some smart, interactive games.

Collaborating between devices

The advancement of display technology now means that many displays now come with an internal player. Samsung has a Tizen player which comes with a host of Android applications including the ability to push and pull content from phone, to touch screen, to tablet, to laptop and back again – a collaboration feature which used to be costly and clunky.

Its like supersizing your PC monitor

Imagine signing into Windows 10 on a huge 65” touch screen, all the same information and applications, plus the built-in player apps, of course. It will make going back to a 17” screen feel like a downgrade in the daily experience of work.

Interactive Video conferencing

The new-age meetings are all about combining face-to-face and virtual attendees. A multitude of whiteboard presentation software is available on the marketplace that is compatible with your home touch screen. Cameras, like the ones from Huddle, are fantastic at recording the whiteboard interaction to share with all the attendees and add to the cloud for those unable to make it.

The family would love it

Explore games and interactive apps or triple it up as another TV or gaming station, and when it’s laying idle, it can run a slideshow of family photos, art or fish tank. A true family hub and asset to the home working set up.

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