Multi-touch Video Wall Solutions
U-Touch’s custom design approach help clients develop touch solutions that carry a unique look and feel tailored to their own environment and brand. We also understand and appreciate the need to provide inspiring content that will engage and enthuse the consumers and boost traffic through the stores, this is the key to the retailers ROI.
U-Touch is showing a retail application on a 4×2 Interactive Video Wall developed by our software partners Acquired and Box Technologies. The 4×2 TouchWall uses NEC 46” ultra narrow bezel displays in landscape with U-Touch’s true multi-touch frame and supported by U-Touch own unique support structure.

80″ ShadowSense™ Touchscreen
New to the U-Touch range is ShadowSense™ technology. ShadowSense™ is a revolutionary new 2D and 3D optical tracking technology that is a ‘potential gamechanger’ for the rapidly growing medium to large size touch industry. It delivers responsive and highly accurate multi-touch and gesture recognition in a robust and low cost package.
Be one of the first to experience the incredible response and stability of ShadowSense™ 6 touch technology on this large 80” NEC P801 display.

U-Touch is one of the world’s leading specialists in touch screen technology.

U-Touch is one of the world’s leading specialists in touch screen technology. For over 13 years, the company has been designing and creating ground breaking interactive touch solutions for clients across the globe, providing solutions to a wide range of market sectors from Education to Corporate, Healthcare to Broadcast and now more then ever into Retail an Leisure. U-Touch provide a full service from initial consultation, backed up with full post-sales technical support service for many years after projects has been completed


Interactive Videowalls or Touchwalls are an effective means of grabbing consumer attention, creating high impact and positive user experience. The 4 by 2 Videowall solution, as seen in the Retail zone, is a popular standard for advertisers and retailers seeking to promote products and services in a more innovative and measures fashion. The Working Solution content aimed more at progressive retailers greatly benefits from large scale interactivity for both consumer and retailer.