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TouchWall 4 x 2 SARA

U-Touch provided an important element to the space, a true WOW factor. The 198”Interactive Video Wall consists of 2×4 configuration 55” High Definition slim bezelseamless displays, a total resolution of 7680 x 2160 pixels (16.6 megapixels). Theultra-thin bezels give a seam of only 5.6mm between the screens with minimal visualdistortion of the image. Different applications, imagesand data streams can beflexibly arranged (desktop, video conferencing, output visualization systems) on the video wall.

The facility of multi-touch surfaces is changing the way in which people interact withcomputers, namely tablets, gaming surfaces etc. These methods of interaction and manipulation of data in a visualization environment is now available to researchers, presenters and broadcasters on a huge scale using U-Touch interactive video walls