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U-Touch PCAP Pro Series

  • Ideal solution for high-resolution digital signage, board rooms, gaming and home working
  • U-Touch Interactive Touch Displays are optimized to provide the most responsive user interface combining cutting edge technologies to provide flawless picture quality, plug and play with PCAP touch technology – Futureproof investment.
  • 4K Touch Displays can be offered in sizes 55’’, 65’’75’’and 86’’
  • With all the advantages of PCAP technology inside, these highly innovative touch displays come at a good price point making them affordable for any interactive and collaborative solution, but also to add a valuable asset to the home office set up.
  • Built in Android player enables a plug and play solution compatible with numerous applications. Bluetooth screen share across devices eliminates the need for manual transfer of information and offers direct collaboration between presenter and audience.
  • Whether you are annotating, presenting, or displaying content, this screen will enhance the delivery and overall experience. An easy to set up and use solution that will still be relevant in years to come.
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