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PCAP Touch Screens

The U-Touch PCAP Touch Screen Range offers the best-in-class touch solution, with edge-to-edge protective glass giving it a sleek, modern look. In addition, the solution is IP54 Rated, enabling full infection control through cleaning with water and alcohol.

Available in sizes ranging from 32” up to 86”. The Samsung PCAP features include push and pull content from phones and tablets, and compatibility with Tizen Player and Magicinfo for Interactive Digital Signage opportunities. A complete plug and play solution.

InGlass Touch Screens

InGlass Touch Screens give the highest possible precision and best stylus touch experience. Ideally suited as an interactive whiteboard tool for meeting rooms or in education, enhancing presentation and collaboration capabilities and making work more productive and effective.

The InGlass Touch Screen Range come in sizes 32” to 75” and are available with major commercial grade displays such as Samsung, NEC and Panasonic. The range of annotation and presentation applications is endless in the meeting room, teaching or public space arenas.

Infrared (IR) Touch Screens

IR Touch Screens are a cost-effective and easy-fit interactive solution for a range of multitouch applications. The most flexible range of sizes from 32” to 98” diagonal. A fully integrated touch screen solution across a range of commercial grade major displays.

The Infrared Touch Screen is a robust, future -proof and economical interactive solution for any interactive application. The touch technology is reliable and scalable to deliver huge interactive touch screen solutions up to 98” diagonal.

ShadowSense™ Touch Screens

ShadowSense™ touch screens are available in sizes ranging from 32′′ up to 98′′ give a highly responsive and accurate experience in a robust and low cost package. A fully integrated touch screen solution delivers a robust, reliable solution for a range of touch solutions.

The ShadowSense™ technology is ideal for applications such as Kiosks, Industrial Process Control, Self Service, ATM’s and Gaming, but also for artist applications as the touch screen registers thick and thin lines. Also check our touch overlays.

Desktop PCAP 24"

The U-Touch Desktop PCAP Touch Screen is ideal collaboration to bring meetings to life and give education establishments the tools to engage students and improve the efficiency of teaching methods.

The touch screen is one of the most compatible on the market working with Windows (HID Compliant), Linux, Android and MAC operating systems, works with MAC touch gestures. PCAP Technology enables finger, stylus and glove touch gestures, ideal for a range of sectors including interactive signage and industrial applications.


Most innovative, high performing large format touch product in the marketplace.


A range of accessories are available to purchase from U-Touch to accompany your touch solution.




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