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The U-TOUCH 4K Collaboration Touch Table is fully scalable as the configuration of monitors 2×2, 3×2, 4×2 etc. determine the size.  Diagonals from 92” to 200” can be created using this unique design, all electrical components and cooling are stored in the legs, along with LED lighting giving the effect of floating.  The U-TOUCH 4K Collaboration Touch Table adds a WOW factor to any foyer, academy, museum or retail space, but is also a unique tool for communicating with your audience, gathering marketing data and generating real return on your investment.

• Fully Integrated Solution
• High Brightness NEC Display
• Optical Touch Screen Technology
• High Tracking Speed for Annotation
• Multi-touch Capable
• In-Built Rack Space for PC / DVD
• Security Door as Standard
• Fully Mobile with Lock Down Wheel

Full Specifications:

• Excellent viewing angle and high contrast image
• Wide range of sizes available, currently 32″ 40″ 52″
• Integrated cooling system
• Optional in-built speakers
• Integrated housing for PC/Laptop
• Interactivity even works with a gloved hand
• Single cable for power and connection to PC
• Suitable for use in high ambient light conditions
• Easy to clean, unaffected by harsh cleaning fluids
• LCD display life 40,000 hours


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