The Key Benefits of LED Video Walls


Always excelling when it comes to innovation, U-Touch strives to create state of the art, interactive technology that makes a big impact for businesses and individuals alike. We are industry leaders for a variety of touch screen solutions, and our LED Video Walls are no exception. Unlike a standard touch screen or touch screen conversion, our LED wall displays are not limited to conventional screen sizes (although we can create off-the-shelf video walls in sizes up to 146”, if required). This lack of limitation means that we can get creative when it comes to helping our clients find the perfect bespoke wall display and we can provide Multi Touch LED Walls up to 500” in diameter.

What Are Some of The Key Benefits of Multi Touch LED Walls?

The possibilities are endless with the bespoke sizing options from U-Touch. Each installation guarantees seamless interactive touch experiences to help you make a lasting impression on your prospective clients and other individuals – we like to think a 500” video wall is pretty memorable!

In this article, we take a look at the key benefits of our wall touch screens, so keep reading to find out more!

Multi Touch Functionality & Interactive Content

A winning combination: multi touch functionality and interactive content. When installed into your business office or foyer, or even in a public space, our LED video walls are great for keeping people entertained and engaged. In spaces of high footfall, utilising a multi touch screen is ideal as there can be several people using the display at once.

Suitable for Regular Cleaning

As a result of Covid-19, there are more advanced cleaning measures required for businesses and individuals in order to help reduce the spread of the virus. A key benefit of our LED wall displays is that they have a laminated glass surface which is anti-scratch and anti-bacterial and can be cleaned regularly and thoroughly with wipes without affecting their performance.

Extendable Screen Sizes

The U-Touch video display walls are made of individual LED wall panels that can be added or removed to make a bespoke screen size to suit your space and requirements. If you were to move spaces or wanted to change up the display in the future, our custom display units can be adjusted – making this a hugely versatile touch solution.
Bespoke Visual Displays

Make an impact with an entire wall, or even a whole room of LED video walls. Perfect for art installations, interactive displays in galleries or even in a corporate environment, these video walls allow you to create and showcase bespoke visuals in an eye-catching and memorable way.

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Durable & Future-Proof

With the appropriate after-care, our LED Video Walls are durable and long-lasting. U-Touch is committed to providing the appropriate advice and service to ensure all our projects and the technology incorporated into them are maintained to the highest standard.

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As covered in this article, LED Video Walls are hugely versatile pieces of technology that can make a lasting impact on many individuals, including your prospective customers. If you’re interested in implementing a Multi Touch Video Wall into your business office, foyer or public space, please get in touch with our sales team today. We will be able to discuss your requirements and help you determine the bespoke touch screen solution to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in any of our other products, including touch screen overlays, touch screens, touch tables or touch accessories, we can also advise here. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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