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Interactive Touch Wall

U-Touch are market leaders in the production of high performance professional Interactive Sameless Touch Walls or ‘Touchwalls’, creating a huge impact in your office, foyer or public space. Thanks to adjusted veiwing area the capabilities of stunning visuals and software are transformed into the futuristic world of interactive business and learning.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of business users and the public domain, this marriage of Sharp monitor and U-Touch adds visual impact to offices, foyers and public spaces, transforming the capabilities of the application into the futuristic world of interactive business and learning.

U-Touch and Sharp understand the goal of the Interactive Touch Touch Wall is maximum visual impact and intuitive, user-friendly interactivity.

In-house CAD designers will create renders and dimensional drawings of the interactive hardware for clients approval and signing.

U-Touch Poland will build and vigorously test the touch wall in the factory. In-house lamination enables the video wall to consist of just one piece of glass up to 250”. This gives a better user experience as there is no ridge between pieces of glass. U-Touch work closely with stand manufacturers and have designed a mechanism whereby the touch screen is self-supported, not putting pressure on the displays. This also enables ease of support as the touch screen can be lifted away to swap out faulty monitors.

The touch wall is dismantled and carefully packed for delivery and installation with use of motorized screen lift case. U-Touch engineers will deliver and install in accordance with the findings of the site survey. This may take 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the installation.
U-Touch is proud to offer a white glove service and support contract with the Interactive Touch Wall Solutions. This gives the customer real peace of mind that the product will not lay idle, and escalating service costs are avoided.

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