What Are The Benefits of LED Videos Walls in Retail?


In retail, everyone is looking for a unique selling point (USP) to set them apart from the competition. This is easier in some markets than others and your product range can be a big factor for this. For retailers who are keen to stay ahead and want to make a lasting impression with their customers, why not consider implementing an LED Video Wall? As they enter your store, you can catch their eye straight away with the stunning visuals and multi-touch capabilities. In this article, we look at our LED Wall Displays in greater detail and the multiple benefits of using them in a retail environment. Interested? Keep reading to find out more.

What is a Multi-Touch LED Wall?

If your first question is ‘what is a multi-touch LED wall?’, then we’ve got you covered. At U-Touch, we create both off-the-shelf and bespoke touch wall solutions for you to implement in your corporate, retail or public space. Whether one singular screen or a larger screen made up of smaller panels seamlessly aligned, these devices are high-performing LED video displays that utilise an interactive touch facility. This innovative combination captivates users and leaves a lasting impression.

How do Retailers Benefit from LED Video Walls?

As mentioned in a recent blog post, there are several benefits to using this innovative technology, but this extends further in a retail environment. Below are some of our top benefits for retailers implementing wall touch screens.

Strong and Cohesive Brand

With the right visuals displayed on your LED wall, you can create a strong and cohesive brand image in your retail space. Whether you choose to showcase your products, play a looped brand video or even to utilise a branded interactive experience, our LED walls are the perfect place to allow you to unify and display your brand image.

Eye-Catching Visuals to Attract Customers

There’s no doubt that the implementation of our multi-touch LED walls will attract the eyes of customers in your store, but it’s also highly likely that they will also attract individuals from the highstreet too. This means you can increase footfall in your store and will give you more opportunities to increase sales on any given day.

Lasting Impression Amongst New and Prospective Customers

If you’ve ever experienced an interactive video wall in a store, it’s highly likely that you will remember where you were. For new and prospective customers, this unique store experience can be very appealing and will leave a lasting impression in their minds. Next time they’re looking to purchase a product like those you sell, your brand will be at the forefront of their consideration.

Suitable for Regular Cleaning

In busy retail environments, regular cleaning is required – especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and the requirement for more consistent hygiene and sanitisation. All of U-Touch’s LED video wall displays are designed to withstand regular and thorough cleaning, so you can be sure that your investment will last.

Custom Displays to Suit Requirements

All stores vary in shape and size and so with touch screen technology, one size simply can’t fit all. At U-Touch, we work with off-the-shelf screens in sizes up to 146” as well as creating bespoke wall displays in sizes up to 500” – so we’ve got something for everyone!

Bonus benefit: our bespoke, multi-panel touch walls can be adapted as the size of your space changes over time, so your investment will be worthwhile for years to come.

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Bespoke LED Video Wall Displays From U-Touch

As industry leaders in LED displays, we are always innovating and improving on our cutting edge technology, and our LED Wall Displays are a fantastic touch solution for retailers to implement in their stores. If you’re interested in our bespoke touch technology, enquire with our friendly team today to discuss your individual requirements and ensure you come away with the perfect display for you. You can contact us online via our website, by calling 0118 940 1854 or emailing us on sales.enquiries@u-touch.eu.

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The Key Benefits of LED Video Walls

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