What are the Benefits of Using Touch Screens in Education?


Sleek and modern, the U-Touch PCAP Touch Screens have a lot to offer businesses and individuals across Europe and the UK. Over the years, touch screens have been integrated into many industries and workspaces, as their interactive capabilities make for a truly engaging experience that enhances one’s professional presentation. Often adopted in corporate offices and used heavily in trade shows, the simple and modern touch screens we offer here at U-Touch emanate dedication and professionalism in any sector.

We have also seen an increase in the implementation of interactive touch screens in sectors such as education, as there are multiple benefits to incorporating an interactive touchscreen display into the classroom. For students and teachers alike, the teaching and learning experiences are improved as the interactive capabilities diversify the way students process the information they learn in any one lesson. This, alongside the technological advancement, makes for efficient classroom management for teachers.

Top Benefits to Using Touch Screens in Education

In this article, we are going to be looking in more detail at the benefits of using touch screen technology in education and how the adoption of interactive screens in classrooms can simultaneously engage students and streamline work for teachers. Keep reading to find out more.

Diversify the Teaching Experience

The use of interactive touch screens is a great way to encourage active learning in students of all ages, levels and abilities as it allows teachers to diversify the teaching experience, which can be hugely beneficial to many students and the way that they process information each day. Instead of just reading information from slides and documents on the screen, these easy-to-use screens allow students to engage with the learning materials and collaborate with those around them, something that has been proven to help students better learn and retain information.

Enthuse Students

The ability to adapt teaching strategies with the addition of a touch screen will improve the learning experiences of students significantly. This will, in turn, boost their enthusiasm for studying as the dynamic and interactive aspect of the technology creates an interest point for students, especially where this has not been implemented previously. As students show an active interest in their learning materials, teachers can be more sure of the effectiveness of their lessons.

Streamline Teaching

Another benefit of touch screen technology for teachers is the ability to enhance their classroom management. As we’ve mentioned, the use of touch screens will ensure students are more engaged, which will lead to less disruptions from students during class. It is also possible for teachers to utilise a multitude of applications designed for educational purposes, such as educational games and quizzes, timers for work tasks and video apps, among others. Check out these top 8 classroom app recommendations from Teacher Vision.

Improve Inclusivity

The use of technology has improved inclusivity in many sectors over the years, and education is no exception. For students with disabilities and for those who have difficulties with their attention and focus, interactive touch screens can be a great help as they make a change from standard teaching styles. This greater inclusivity means that students with different learning levels and abilities can advance with their peers with more ease than they may have previously been able to, resulting in better learning outcomes for all students.

Easy to Implement

Another benefit of touch screens is that implementing them in your classroom is easy. Whether you’re integrating a new system or adding touch capabilities to an existing screen or monitor, U-Touch makes the process simple and easy. Our friendly and helpful team are on hand to discuss your unique requirements to help you decide on the best solution for your school setup. The installation process is also very simple and our screens will be ready to use almost instantly.

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