Zero Bezel - 4K Touch Screen

Zero Bezel


U-Touch Zero Bezel 4K Touch Screen:

offers market-leading touch performance and perfect optical clarity along with unique features such as pressure detection – at lower costs compared to other options.

The display is ideal:
  • for any heavy duty application
  • from control rooms  to  CAD/CAM
  • from medical review to professional conferencing
  • from creative multimedia design  to life size digital signage

Zero Bezel - 4K Touch Screen


  • Big size canvas
    with Ultra High Definition (UHD) guaranteed to capture undivided attention of spectators and viewers
  • Stunning „pixel-free” ergonomic viewing
    stunning „pixel-free” ergonomic viewing delivered by a Professional LED backlit S-IPS panel.
  • Reliable colour reproduction
    due to 10-bit colour performance with amazing viewing angles and hardware calibratable LUT for accurate imagepresentation.
  • Edge-to-edge, slim design
  • Reliable colour reproduction
    with up to 1000 levels of pressure  detection and from 2 to 80 multi-touch.